Better CBD

Cutting-edge extraction

We use an innovative patented extraction process in order to maintain the integrity and viability of the compound.


By breaking down the CBD and allowing it to be ingested in a water-soluble state, we are able to avoid first-pass metabolism, a physiological phenomena that results in the reduced concentration of a compound before it reaches systemic circulation.

Refreshing Taste

CBD taken in an oil base can be hard to swallow, and leave an unpleasant taste. Our joie has the taste of a refreshing bottle of water, that's it.

Visible Difference

Our scientists do not use chemical additives or coat the cbd particles in order to have every bottle appear the same. Joie water is 100% natural; every bottle has varying levels of transparency depending on how the cbd particles have settled. We test every batch, all of our bottles equally contain the sought after cbd derived from organically grown hemp.

Test Results